The Dangerous Results of Nuclear Chain

What is Nuclear Chain Reaction?


Nuclear Chain Reaction happens when a nuclear reaction leads an average of 1 or more succeeding nuclear reactions, therefore resulting to the probability of a self-cultivating chain of the said reactions. The nuclear reaction can be the fission of heavy isotopes. Compared to a chemical reaction, the nuclear chain reaction emits energy that is several millions stronger.

The process of nuclear chain reaction can be subdivided into 3 different stages. First is the initiation where a reactive chemical compound, that can be in a form of atom, ion, or a neutral molecular fragment. This intermediate is formed typically because of an agent, like light or heat. The second process is Propagation. Lastly, the termination which causes the chain carriers to reconnect as quickly as they are formed.

What Are the Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear Wastes. Nuclear wastes, or also known as radioactive wastes are supposed to be thrown away or kept in a secure and secluded location because of their very hazardous radiations that could easily leak if it is not well-contained. This kind of waste can last up to hundreds of years.

Accidents. Despite technological advancements, we still can’t avoid the probability of accidents from happening. Even though a lot of the latest technologies have been injected to prevent what happened in Chernobyl and Fukushima, the risk of having a nuclear power is still extremely high. A minimal radiation leak from nuclear resources can already cause a lot of damage. If you’re exposed to the radiation, some of the symptoms you’ll experience include vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue. People who work with these nuclear resources, and the ones who live near them are also of great danger.

Nuclear Radiation. There are different types of power reactors. Some of which are called breeders which produce plutonium. Although this component can’t be found in the nature, it is a fissionable component. It is the result of a chain reaction, which is very hazardous when exposed to the nature. Mostly, they are used to make nuclear weapons.

Effects on Aquatic Lifeforms. One of the many negative results of radioactive waste is Eutrophication. Today, a lot of meetings and gatherings are held to find a solution for this problem. However, there is still no viable solution until now.

Effects on Human Life. We all know the damage done by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing. Even until now, people are still affected by the bombing that happened decades ago. On the other hand, the Chernobyl nuclear accident is currently the most devastating nuclear accident.

Military Industry. This is probably the worst disadvantage of nuclear power. Like mentioned earlier, the first usage of the nuclear power was used to create two nuclear bombs during the World War II. This incident was the first and the last where nuclear power is used for military purposes. Even though countries have signed an agreement not to use it for military attacks, the risk of it being used in the future still exist.

Creating a Good Office Environment for Workers

If you want to make and develop a prosperous company, you’ll have to make sure that your employees are happy and energized enough to be productive. There is really no secret on how to do this, but one of the most effective ways is to change your workers’ office environment. Here are some of the methods on how to do it.


Add Some Green Plants in Your Worker’s Office

Plants doesn’t just beautify the surroundings, it can also be an environmentally-friendly way to remove contaminants in the air, and even add oxygen and humidity to your office. Latest researchers have found some amazing results. They’ve discovered that green plants don’t just add up to the color of your indoor environment, but it can also help in fighting against common diseases. You can meticulously put several plants in your office. There are several great indoor plants including Aloe, English Ivy, Peace Lily and a lot more.

Keep Your Office Clean, Comfortable and Nicely-furnished

Your workers performing in a clean, well-decorated environment can have huge effects on the relation between each other and the managers. Even though the sun won’t be able to reach the inside of your office, exert an effort to give a de-stressing vibe with comfortable furniture, functional office appliances, and a few additional facilities. At first, it may not look budget-friendly, but it will change the way your workers perform in the long run, especially when they know that you care enough to invest some changes for their state.

Improve the Lighting in Your Office

Several studies have discovered that natural light improves productivity and lessens fatigue and stress. Therefore, make sure all of your workers will be equally exposed to natural light. A bad lighting can cause high amounts of eyestrain, blurred sight and migraines. On the other hand, a nicely-lit office space will keep your workers stimulated with the workloads of the day.

Host Some Fun Activities

You don’t have to go out of the country to be able to make your employees enjoy some activities. You can held great events that goes with the holidays, such as gift-giving during Christmas, egg hunting during the Easter, and even baseball games. It’s a great way to break up the week, improve the relation of your employees, and even thank them for their hard work. See, improving the office environment is more than just changing how it look likes.

Allow Your Workers to Customize their Workstations

Every day, your workers spend most of their time in the workstations, doing whatever your company asks them to do. Therefore, what better way is there to make them comfortable, increasing their productivity, is to allow them to personalize their work stations. You may let them choose their own seat, computer, add some frames, decorations, plants, lamps and etc.

Give Your Office Workers Breaks

Yes, most companies are required by the governments to provide breaks for their employees. Sad to say, there are others who can’t follow this outspoken rule. Even the person who is most indulged into his job needs a break or two in a day. The change of scenery will help the emotions building up in an individual, allowing your workers to distress and be energized again to work after the break. During the breaks, make sure your workers are doing something healthy, such as sleeping, eating the right kind of food, and even exercising. You should also have a good coffee machine as super auto machines are the easiest way to make an espresso in the office where they can brew their own coffee. For the the right espresso makers visit and find the perfect coffee maker for your company.