Role of gun for breaking nuclear chain

A nuclear chain is a polymer which is difficult to break. The bond requires explosive energy to reduce the molecules to smaller units. A gun is one gadget that breaks the nucleus into smaller atoms to produce heat and energy. The high temperatures produced from the heat emit gasses in form of steam which acts as the energy used in the driving of turbines for generation of electricity. The composition of a gun is that it produces an explosive missile with high velocity, the effect depends on the target the gun hit. If the material the gun hits has a nuclear chemical composition, then the heat produces from the gun, splits the nucleus of the atomic elements in a counter explosive attack creating a massive bomb explosion.

The gun is not just a gadget, but the main element responsible for nuclear fission of the bullet. The bullet contains an explosive load with high propelling effect, which increases its speed towards the target. Others use gun powder which is a combination of a chemically- intensive black powder made of sulfur and potassium. In reactivity series, potassium is the most reactive element, any form of exposure to heat and pressure makes it explode as a bomb creating a loud explosion. This explains the main reason for intensive gun sounds once a bullet is released from the barrel.

The intense pressure is as a result of high volume it occupies when it comes into contact with any nuclear reactors, it creates a vacuum by dispersing all atoms on the nuclear compound, the overall effect is massive ripple-like scattered pieces of solid, gaseous and liquid materials. Guns are considered low explosives gadgets but when subjected to elements of nuclear nature, the nucleus produces a shattering long wave with increased speed when propelling in the air-the reason for the loud bang of sound.

Uranium is the main element in any nuclear compound. The high explosive nature makes the gun (a slow moving particle) to disperse the neutrons in different directions due to the revolution effect. The continuous splitting as a result of the effect of heat of different uranium isotopes causes violent nuclear reactions. When the isotopes are broken into smaller atoms, it changes from solids to gasses, the steam produces heat creating a large cloud of gasses in the air around the area the nuclear reaction takes place.

The nuclear chain reaction is successful when you have a higher percentage of natural Uranium- averagely 7 percent. Absorption in nuclear reaction determines the rate of the explosion, when the atoms are absorbed faster, the strength and power of explosion are reduced this describes the reason for a high percentage of Uranium in a nuclear reactor.

The radioactivity series takes place in stages, the surface of contact will react faster as the gun penetrates to the inner part of the nuclear solid, this creates a chain of reaction, it defines the longer time a nuclear reaction takes place when in contact with an explosive device like a gun.

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