Shotgun is the Best Defense Weapon in a Post-Nuclear War Scenario

Post-nuclear war scenario is a theoretical setting that causes widespread destruction. It collapses most part of civilization. It strips every man from his comfort zone. It doesn’t give that extra layer of security for anyone. Nevertheless, the radioactive fallout will take out most of the top class tech stuff. There won’t be any weapon of mass destruction remaining in a bunker anymore. Similarly, you are left on your own in an emergency, particularly when it comes to home of defense.

Best Home Defense Weapon
There are very few defense weapons that are effective on the home-front. Melee weapons might sound like a good idea. However, situations determine the weapon you must take up. When it comes to any kind of defense, you must take it several notches higher than required. Prepare for the worst scenarios by upping the ante When you take home defense a little seriously, nothing less than guns would suffice. The three handy options among guns are shotgun, hand pistol and rifle.

Types of Guns
These three different types of guns comes with their unique set of pros and cons. All three weapons are characterized by their limitations. How their advantages shadow the limitations decides the effectiveness of the defense weapon. Hand pistols may feel the most handy option. It is portable and easy to carry. You can even conceal this totally when situation demands it Rifles may sound pretty intense. If a sheriff was looking for trouble, he would have brought a rifle rather than a hand pistol. It may feel enjoyably fast, provide amazing trigger action and have impressive magazine capacity.

Why Shotgun is the Best
Without a shadow of doubt, they are powerful weapons. They are effective at taking out big game like deer, elk, besides enemies from our own species. Its versatile at handling a range of ammo. From as tiny as small pellet to as big as buckshot, it can shoot anything. With a bit of adjustment, shot-gun never feel uncomfortable, regardless of its ammo size. Any average shooter can manage shotguns even when they become big weapons with heavy recoil.

What Shotguns Mean to You
Let’s try to put the awesomeness of shotguns in layman terms. Firstly they shoot multiple projectiles when you pull the trigger. No other gun can pull it off this effectively Though it fires multiple projectiles, the pellets don’t spread out even a buckshot spreads only a few inches. This makes the pattern to stay tight and deliver maximum punch. If you need 5-6 shots to take down a target with other gun, you need just one with a shotgun.

Endless List of Advantages
Shotguns are easy maintenance. With the commercial as well as improvised supplies, you can clean it easy and cheap. The cleaning kit takes the space of a coffee mug. Shotguns are modular. You can switch between short and long barrels. You can change the build from wood to synthetic for weight reasons. Along with its impressive power and performance, plus its wide range of ammunition, these advantages makes shotguns the best home defense weapon.

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